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Welcome to SPARTEX! We bring only the most unique and premium PC enthusiast products to market in North America. Our unparalled love, support and dedication to our eye catching products is what makes SPARTEX truly remarkable.

Brand New Improved Osmi ITX Case

The Best Materials. Crafted With Zero Compromises.

Modern Design

Select the premium Matte White or Matte Black coat to compliment your desk.

Amazingly Compact

With a size of 180mm x 255mm x 180mm the OSMI is one of the smallest High-End cases out there.

Ultra Durable

Crafted out of ultra light-weight premium grade aluminium.

Ample Cooling

Newly improved top ventilation allowing sufficient postive pressure cooling.

Build In Your Own ITX Case

OSMI case built as a Xbox Series X  10:31

Credits to @randomfrankp for his top quality videos.

Looks To Impress

Fully Modular ITX Case

We believe in versatility, which means your DP4-S ITX case will be able to be customized for a full upgrade proof case. While it has traditional premium quality parts, they’ve been designed to be easily customized to add and remove as needed. Finally the freedom you’ve been looking for is here.

Exceptional Quality

Built By Actual Gamers

Everyone at SPARTEX industries is a die hard gamer, and what this translates into ultimately is a higher quality product and service. We know the features you want to build on so rest assured; we know exactly what’s needed to provide them.

OSMI 3.1

The OSMI 3.1 series ITX CASE is nothing but the ultimate premium ITX case.Built to perfection from the ground up by experienced PC enthusiasts who wanted something better than what was out there. Pre-order the
OSMI today & you’ll never regret your

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Available from  $199.99

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The DP4-S series case is a fully modular ITX case.
Offers PC builders pure flexibility by customizing their case,
with options they require, without purchasing a whole new
case from scratch. The DP4-S is a truly one of a kind case!

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